We understand that the success of our business is dependent on the support of our valued referral partners.

Assetline Rewards, our unique referral program, rewards you for referring deals to Assetline Capital. Assetline Reward Points can be redeemed for travel vouchers and spent on flights, hotel accommodation and more…

How it works


Step 1

Register as an Accredited Referrer with Assetline Capital.



Step 2

Refer deals to our team, referencing your unique Accreditation Code 


Step 3

Subject to the loan being funded by Assetline Capital and being repaid in full by the Borrower, you will earn 0.00125 Assetline Reward Points per dollar value of the loan advanced and repaid. Each point can be redeemed for $1 equivalent of travel vouchers .


How much can I earn?

The table below shows some examples of how much Accredited Referrers can earn.

Value of Loans Funded & Repaid Assetline Reward Points Value of Travel Vouchers
$1,000,000 1,250 $1,250
$2,000,000 2,500 $2,500
$3,000,000 3,750 $3,750
$4,000,000 5,000 $5,000
$5,000,000 6,250 $6,250
$6,000,000 7,500 $7,500
$7,000,000 8,750 $8,750
$8,000,000 10,000 $10,000
$9,000,000 11,250 $11,250
$10,000,000 12,500 $12,500
$11,000,000 13,750 $13,750
$12,000,000 15,000 $15,000
$13,000,000 16,250 $16,250
$14,000,000 17,500 $17,500
$15,000,000 18,750 $18,750


What can I use the Travel Vouchers for?

The beauty is that you can use the vouchers for any travel expenses that you like. Here are some examples:

Settle a loan for $3,000,000

  • Earn 3,750 Assetline Reward Points.
  • Redeem for Travel Vouchers and buy a week’s holiday on the Gold Coast.*

Settle a loan for $5,000,000

  • Earn 6,250 Assetline Reward Points
  • Redeem for Travel Vouchers and buy a return business class ticket to New York.*

Settle a loan for $10,000,000

  • Earn 12,500 Assetline Reward Points
  • Redeem for Travel Vouchers and buy a week of skiing in Japan.*


* Examples only. The Promoter does not warrant that the Travel Vouchers can be redeemed for the holidays set out above.


Register as an Accredited Referrer