Development Finance

A loan for residential or commercial development finance. Projects must be located in Sydney, NSW.
The Borrower must have had experience in similar projects.


Acceptable Borrower Company or individual (provided funds used predominantly for business purposes)
Loan Purpose Finance for construction
Eligible Property Security Residential / Commercial / Vacant Land Security
Assetline Interest Registered Registered 1st Mortgage
Loan Amount $5,000,000 - $30,000,000
Loan Term 6 Months - 24 Months
Interest Payments Paid monthly in advance or prepaid (partially or fully)

Eligible Postcodes

NSW & VIC Metro Plus Metro Plus, Category 1,Category 2 All PostcodesConsidered


Clean Credit Borrower Defaults Considered Borrower Defaults Considered

Maximum LVR Land

55% 65% 70%

Maximum Project LVR (Based on NRV)

65% 8.45% 8.95%

Prime Rate

From 8.95% 1.85% 2.00%

Establishment Fee

From 1.50% 0.25% 0.25%

Line Fee

From 1.50% 1.00% 1.00%


Applicant Experience Applicant must demonstrate experience of similar projects
Pre-sale Not essential
Loan Submission To include:
1. Project feasibility;
2. Exit strategy;
3. Transaction background
4. Sponsor A&L’s
5. Valuation & QS Report (if available)

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Assetline provides funding for high quality property-backed transactions that sit outside mainstream bank policy.

We lend to all major metro centres nationwide, offering finance to NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and ACT. Because we are lenders, not brokers, you deal directly with the team who makes the lending decisions.