Loan Guidelines

What does Assetline Capital look at when assessing a loan?

The Purpose

The loan purpose must be predominantly for any worthwhile business and or investment purpose other than personal residential investment
  • Possible purposes are:

  • Purchase a business
  • Buy new plant or equipment
  • Buy stock
  • Pay tax or other work related expenses eg. wages, legal fees, advertising etc
  • Business repairs and maintenance
  • Working capital
  • Council approvals / Head Works
  • Bridging the unexpected "gap"
  • Fund a commercial or industrial property purchase when the bank cannot settle in time
  • Fund a residential investment property purchase where the property is to be owned in a trust or company name

The Exit

Assetline Capital requires an acceptable exit strategy for how the loan is to be repaid
  • Possible exit strategies are:

  •  Refinance
  • Sale of Asset / Stock
  • Working Capital
  • Inheritance
  • Outstanding work / Invoices

The Security

Assetline Capital’s loans require a form of 1st mortgage property security

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