Construction Finance Approval Process


INITIAL ASSESSMENT Within 24 hours of receipt of Loan Submission Form Borrower completes Loan Submission Form for ADF to review.
Indicative TERMS Summary Issued within 48 hours of receiving Loan Submission Form High level summary of loan terms for Broker to present to client
Application Form

Client to provide an executed Application Form

Formal Application - provides key information for ADF to issue indicative Offer Letter
Indicative Offer Letter Within 48 hours of receiving completed Application Form Formal Offer from ADF setting out terms of advance to Borrower and conditions of the proposed facility
Valuation & quantity surveyor report

Instructed immediately when executed Offer Letter is returned and fees are received

Reports take approximately 5-10 working days

ADF values security forming collateral for the loan

The Quantity Surveyor Report sets out the costing of the project

Due Diligence

Commences as soon as Indicative Offer Letter is signed and fees are received

Takes approximately 5-10 working days

ADF performs due diligence on Borrower, Builder, Project and Transaction
Loan Documents Instructed as soon as Valuation, Quantity Surveyor Report and Due Diligence are completed. Generally issued to Borrower within 3-5 working days of instruction

ADF instructs Solicitors to prepare and issue Loan Documents to the Borrower.

Documents to include a Tri-Partite Deed with the Borrower and the Builder

Settlement Within 48 hours of Loan Documents executed, returned and reviewed by ADF Solicitors Funds advanced to Borrower and commencement of the loan facility