The Assetline Advantage


No credit checks. No financials. No income or employment verification. No reporting credit agencies.


You can repay early, with no penalty fees.


We can make you a loan offer and settle within 24 hours.

Assetline are a Sydney based lender offering short term loans, secured against high value assets such as gold, jewellery and precious metals, fine art and antiques, as well as luxury cars and boats. We provide alternative solutions to classic borrowing such as bridging loans and finance, secure and unsecured loans, and personal loans as well. We work primarily online and are above-all discreet, secure and flexible. We've grown our business by securing the best loan deals for our clients and by working hard to ensure the highest loan amounts against the widest range of high-value assets. Assetline strives to build relationships and values its reputation not only amongst clients but our network of partner lenders throughout Australia and we prioritise long-term thinking over a short-term mindset. We excel at what we do and urge you to find out more about us or  join us now by calling us or using the contact us form.

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